The Party Dress winner and how to spend £100 in New Look

The Party Dress winner and how to spend £100 in New Look
Bradley Smythe

Was it Reiss, Asos or Preen? Junior fashion editor Charlie Moore, reveals the winner and shows us her New Look purchases.

So the big day finally arrived and with one hour to go I had still not decided on the winning outfit - will it be Reiss, Asos, Richard Nicoll or Preen? (my hair was blow dried, make-up prepared so no need for a nervous breakdown just yet!)

I asked my boyfriend which one he preferred (why do I do this knowing that I'm only going to talk through the merits of each outfit with him and then try to convince him that the one I want to wear is actually the right outfit?)

It was the winning colour that did it - a gorgeous peacock blue which I hope highlighted my newly dyed red hair a treat. It was very figure-hugging but in a flattering way (I havn't been to pilates for 6 weeks and my running has dwindled to one 20 minute session a week so I'm no mean, lean, toned macine at the moment). It pulls you in and smoothes you out in the right places and makes your waist look tiny, Thornton Breganza I salute you and your genius of the matt lightening mini dress! (available at

This week I popped into New Look to spend a £100 voucher and this is the result (see pic below). I decided to stock up on my basics - the super cute heart pointelle organic vests are my favourite. As a colour phobe I always find it easier to do colour in a basic when you have a bit of a tan (well fake tan in my case).

I'm going to wear the gingham top with my Zara denim shorts (the best denim shorts on the high street - the perfect length short without being hotpants but also offer enough coverage so will do double duty in the city and for festivals too) I couldn't resist this stripey t-shirt dress which is perfect for a quick beach cover up.

Charlie's New Look receipt
X5 vests £4-£5 each
X1 tee £5
Grecian headband £3
t- shirt dress £14
x2 4 pack of socks (mum would be proud) not pictured £3 each
x1 gingham top £16
x2 men's tee (for the oversized mannish look) -not pictured £5 each
umbrella - not pictured £12
x2 retro shorts £6 each

Total = £100

A high street treat!

By Charlie Moore

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