The most versatile shoes in the world

The most versatile shoes in the world

If you buy one pair of shoes this season, make it a By Larin pair…

Here at InStyle towers, we’re not mad about gimmicky fashion – the jumper that doubles as a duvet might sounds super-cosy but we don’t fancy looking like the Michelin man, even if it is to watch the X Factor on a Friday night.


So we were sceptical when we first heard about By Larin’s line of customisable shoes, with their snap-on and off magnetic embellishments. That was until we saw them. When a grey wool pair of flats (with the perfect amount of toe cleavage, we’d like to add) arrived in the office we all oohed and aahed over how uber-fashiony they looked with the geometric bow in the same fabric and how they instantly transformed into timelessly elegant shoes with the swapping out of a silver metal bow.

And those were just the flats! You really have to see it to believe it. Check out the range at, who have the exclusive on the world’s most versatile shoes.

By Maria Milano

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