The MIRACLE bra that adds two cup sizes

The MIRACLE bra that adds two cup sizes

Get brand new boobs – without the surgery

There’s certain times when flashing a large cleavage isn’t what a girl wants to do.

But, come night time, us ladies can be a little more, well, upfront.

Cue Ultimo’s brand new £24 Mega Boost Day To Night Bra, which can take you from a boardroom 34B to a dance floor 34D in an instant.

How? Good old chicken fillets. But not just any old chicken fillets. Ultimo's silicone pouches, which range in weight from just over an ounce to 2.6oz depending on cup size, are thought to be among the first to come with their very own bra.

Instead of simply sitting under the bust, the pouches are said to mould to the skin to create a 'natural, authentic rounded shape'. 

And the best bit is that the £24 bra is designed to be worn with or without your new pouch pals, leaving you to decide if you want to be big and busty or small and sweet.

Ultimo boss Michelle Mone says: ‘Any woman even considering breast implants, forget it, this bra will give you the exact same effect.'

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By Ruth Doherty

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