The Granny Pant Debate: Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

The Granny Pant Debate: Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

We're not talking about banishing them from our knicker drawer, just from wearing them underneath sheer dresses. Is that so wrong?

Granny pants. Everyone owns a pair. Don't lie. You know the garment to which I refer: those roomy, 100% cotton knickers that are, quite frankly, bordering on Y-fronts. And I'm not embarrassed to admit that I own several pairs. They might not be pretty, but they're sure as hell comfortable. One friend once wore a pair so large she could tuck her T-shirt in, and pull it out the bottom. In her defence, it was very cold. And she was quite bored.

So while I'm not ashamed in saying how much I love the granny pant (and I know I'm not alone), I'm not about to show them off to the world. As I said before, they're really not that pretty.

But ever since Sienna Miller wore a pair of (extra) large knickers to a glamorous after party with just a furry jumper and a pair of 60 deniers to keep her warm, we've grown increasingly OK with showing the world our drawers. At the time, this was back in 2007 remember, Sienna's pants seemed to be the natural progression from the high-waisted legging that had started to dominate street style. And I know I for one am guilty at having popped down to American Apparel back in the day to try on a pair of tiny cotton hot pants not dissimilar to Sienna's. (I wore them once, and looked like a flasher.)

Because here's the thing, people might not be calling them granny pants when they put them on under their designer lace dress, but that is what they are. They're just like any other big old pair of pants from M&S, or in some cases, like a pair tummy-sucking Spanx. But that doesn't seem to put anyone off from flashing them. From girl-next-door beauties like Rose Byrne, to Kim Kardashian via Sienna Miller, everyone wants to show off the smalls (or in this case, bigs). And we're not sure how many more pairs we can look at.

Seven years ago, when Sienna Miller wore them, it made headlines. Perhaps it was a slow news day, but either way, it's worth noting that not even the Sidebar of Shame can be bothered to notify us when an A-lister steps out in essentially just a bra and pants, so used we are to seeing them.

Of course, if you're a fan of the sheer look - and it's one that has dominated the red carpet of late - then you're kind of stuck for what to wear underneath. A G-string would just be creepy, and unless you want to get an ASBO, it's probably not a good idea to go sans underwear completely. So the necessity of the big pant is palpable.

Are there any alternatives? A slip might feel a bit prim, but a strapless body might work – connecting the bra to the pants takes out the obvious underwear aspect. Or maybe Blake Lively has the answer: a bodystocking. Or maybe she's just opened a whole other can of worms.



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