The Fashion Photography Exhibition You WON'T Want To Miss

The Fashion Photography Exhibition You WON'T Want To Miss

Legendary 70s fashion photographer Guy Bourdin's latest exhibition has opened at Somerset House and trust us, you won't be disappointed

He's the legendary 70s photographer that influenced pretty much every massive fashion campaign you've ever loved and now you can check out his iconic work at Somerset House's latest exhibition, Guy Bourdin: Image-Maker.

Originally a painter that was drawn to photography whilst he was in the army, Bourdin turned traditional fashion ads on their heads. Combining sex, humour and a boot full of mannequin legs (yes, really) Bourdin changed the face of fashion photography as we know it.

In a pre-digital era, Bourdin created dynamic, vivid and avant garde photography that ignored the norm of blatant product shots and attracted the eye by inspiring intrigue in the viewer. Simply put? This guy created high fashion Pinterest worthy editorials without using Photoshop. His work never looks old or retro but always innovative and eye catching. To say photographers have been copying it for decades since would be an understatement.  Not too shabby.

Famously elusive, Guy Bourdin: Image-Maker throws Bourdin's story wide open for all to see. From polaroids and prints, to fashion films projected on giant walls and hand-drawn plans, Somerset House's latest exhibition is anything but boring. We checked it out and we reckon you should too.

If you don't happen to be visiting the big smoke any time soon, fear not, the accompanying exhibition book is available to buy HERE. Gain extra brownie points and gift it to someone for Christmas. Perfect.

Guy Bourdin: Image-Maker is on at Somerset House from 27th November to 15th March.

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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