It Cost HOW MUCH To Make Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress In The Crown

It Cost HOW MUCH To Make Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress In The Crown

Looks like they needed that big budget…

The Crown is everyone’s newest Netflix obsession, and it’s come at the perfect time — when everyone, lazy or not, just wants to be on the sofa wrapped in blankets and avoiding the cold.

We all heard about the bonkersly big budget: the 10-episode series about Queen Elizabeth, cost $130 million, making it the most expensive Netflix show ever.

The wedding dress we saw in the first episode cost $37,000 (that’s about £30,000) and took seven weeks to make.

It’s an exact replica of the ivory silk dress with pearl and crystal embellishement, designed by Normal Hartnell, Queen Elizabeth wore at her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947, that took six months to make.

Though the cost of the original dress was never disclosed, politicians expressed objections about its extravagance in a time of post-war austerity.

Claire Foy, who plays Elizabeth with Matt Smith as Philip, spoke to The Telegraph about her admiration for the young Queen Elizabeth as the dress weighed ‘a ton’.

‘For this young woman to be wearing all that and then have the composure to walk through the Abbey full of dignitaries and heads of state, and then having to be anointed… It must have taken huge gumption,’ she said.

'You think, who else could have done this? Who else could have taken that responsibility on, and who else could have done the job so well for such a long time, and never answered back or complained? It’s really amazing.’ 

We'll be through these 10 episodes in no time, so bring on season two.

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