The American Apparel Advert We Actually Love

The American Apparel Advert We Actually Love

The often controversial retailer has just released a campaign that we fully support

American Apparel, the go-to retailer for cool twentysomethings, is known for its provocative ad campaigns. We're used to seeing nearly-naked young girls modelling the brand's lingerie in suggestive poses – so it's refreshing to find their newest face is more than a little past the age of consent. She's 62-years-old, in fact.

The model in question is the beautiful Jackie O'Shaughnessy. You may recognise Jacky's face and wonderful flowing silver hair from adverts for American Apparel's Advanced Basics range. But this is the first time you will have seen her without a T-shirt on.

Jacky looks incredible in a simple lavender lace bandeau and magenta knickers, and definitely looks an entire generation younger than she is. She puts us to shame.

Taking to their Facebook page to announce the latest addition to their lingerie model rosta, the brand's postedJacky's picture with the slogan: 'Sexy has no expiration date.' Which is something we definitely agree with.

More of this, please...

By Olivia Marks

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