The (Alternative) Queen's Speech You Need To See

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Fashion royalty, Joan Burstein, gives us her version of HRH's Christmas speech

The Queen's speech is one of our favourite Christmas traditions, so we love that Browns founder, Joan Burstein, has given us her own take of the royal speech.

Mrs Burnstein, known in the industry as Mrs B, is pretty much fashion royalty, so it's fitting that she should lead a festive address on the big fashoin moments of 2013.

The Browns founder takes a look back at the big successes of London's fashoin stars this year, and the changes made at Browns Focus and rounds things off by wishing everybody a happy holidays.

Speaking about making the video, Mrs B said: 'It took some persuasion and the experience was a little daunting, particularly as I was very keen to ensure anything we did was very respectful to HRH the Queen. It was lovely though to have the opportunity to wish a wider audience a happy holiday and I hope we it will be well received.'

And indeed it has...

By Olivia Marks


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