The Sweatshirt You Can Wear For 30 Years (Leo DiCaprio Is Already A Fan)

The Sweatshirt You Can Wear For 30 Years (Leo DiCaprio Is Already A Fan)

That's some seriously good cost-per-wear...

Can you find a single thing in your wardrobe you've had for 30 years? A lot of you reading this won't even be 30 yet.

Three entire decades is a heck of a long time to own anything, let alone a piece of clothing. Particularly when our throw-away culture makes a Zara top we've had since 2009 feel like a piece of vintage. 

Enter British menswear designer Tom Cridland, who has created the world's first '30 year sweatshirt' - a pullover of such high quality that Cridland promises the wearer it will last for 30 years.

Tom Cridland created the unisex sweatshirt in a bid to promote sustainable fashion, though his menswear label is already popular with celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, Jeremy Piven and Daniel Craig (Leonardo DiCaprio himself is a big environmental campaigner, having spoken out about climate change at the UN and donated millions to ocean conservation.) 

So successful has the design been, that Cridland will be opening his very first flagship store on 11th January (340 Kings Road, London, if you fancy paying it a visit). 

Leonardo DiCaprio taking part in a climate change march last year

As you might expect from something designed to last the wearer three decades, the 30 year sweatshirt is a classic (very trans-seasonal) style, with minimal detail other than the reinforced sleeve trims, crew neck and a discreet logo on the breast. 

The sweater comes in five different colours including grey, red and navy - meaning you could technically buy three different ones and they'll quite literally last you a lifetime if you wear them back to back - and it's made of 80% organic cotton and 20% polyester.

Considering the sweater only costs £55, you're looking at a seriously good cost-per-wear ratio: if you wore the sweater once a week for thirty years you'd be looking at around 0.3p per wear. Bargain!

If the sweater does happen to tear before its 30th birthday, Cridland also says his company will sew on a patch free of charge. 

Cridland is currently appealing for funding for his 30 year sweatshirt company on his kickstarter page and has already raised £21 000.

If you buy one now you'll still be rocking it in 2045. Provided it still fits... 

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