The 10 Best Moments From Game Of Thrones Season 4

The 10 Best Moments From Game Of Thrones Season 4

Say goodbye to Game Of Thrones withdrawal symptoms with our round up of the best moments from Season 4

Our favourite show is over for another year but fear not, we've rounded up the best moments from Game Of Thrones Season 4 so you can relive the best bits all over again. You can thank us later. 

1. Oberyn Martell aka The Red Viper

Where do we begin? The super hot accent, the sexual ambiguity, the coat? To top it off, he’s a badass (did you see his battle with the Mountain?) and, as if he couldn’t get any better, he’s also an overall good guy. Volunteering to be Tyrion’s champion to avenge his sister’s death? What a man!

2. The Lannisters Finally Getting Their Comeuppance

At last!!! Joffrey is done with – out of the games, poisoned at his own wedding. Harsh. And he’s not the only one. Tywin gets a double-dose of his own medicine as Cersei sticks it to him by refusing to marry Loras Tyrell and confirming those rumours before Tyrion kindly crossbows him whilst on the loo. There’s nothing like keeping it in the family…

3. Tyrion’s Courtroom Rant

Before his trial Tyrion and Jaime have a super emotional bro chat, which was so good it probably should have had it’s own section in our best bits but it got pipped to the post by Tyrion’s unforgettable courtroom rant. An amazing bit of acting from Peter Dinklage with more nostril flaring than we could handle, Tyron’s rant is up there with the best GOT scenes ever.


4. When The Night’s Watch Release The Scythe

A weapon worth talking about, the dropping of the Scythe was an epic surprise from writers David and Dan that doesn’t feature in the book. Visually, it’s awesome. Practically, it’s effective. As the Wildlings get knocked off the wall like ants, this became the unexpected laugh-out-loud moment of the series. Hoist her up’ boys!

5. The Freaky White Walker Scene

One for all you GOT geeks, this scene has more theories about it than you can shake a stick at. We won’t go into details (spoiler alert!) but here at the InStyle office one thing we can agree on is that baby is way too cute to become a White Walker.


6. Sam Finally Manning Up

The wildlings are attacking the Wall, and what do you know? Sam finally steps up and kisses Gilly! A punch-the-air moment for Samwell supporters everywhere. He may have broken the Night’s Watch rules but we reckon when there’s ten thousand people (not to mention giants) on the battlefield we’ll let it slide. This once anyway.

7. Daario Naharis

We’re big fans of the new and improved (see previous casting) Daario Naharis. He’s charming and heroic (he casually defeats Meereen’s champion to defend Daenerys). Don’t get us wrong, we loved Khal Drogo, but we’re glad Daenerys has made a new love match and we totally want him to stick around. For all of you book readers, we’re still hoping his blue beard and yellow lace tunic might be hiding under all that armour.

8. Arya’s Manic Laugh

Arya arrives at the Eyrie with the Hound only to find out that her aunt, the (crazy) Lady Lysa is dead (brutally pushed out the moon door by the increasingly husky-voiced Littlefinger). We think it’s fair to say poor Arya loses it a little, coming out with the best manic laugh ever.


9. Giants Riding Mammoths

Giants riding mammoths is about as Game Of Thrones as it gets. Simultaneously a little ridiculous looking whilst being completely terrifying for our guys on the wall, it’s all about giants in Season 4.


10. Tyrell Girl Talk

With Joffrey’s body barely cold, Lady Olenna persuades her niece (and Joffer’s widow) Margaery Tyrell to seduce Tommen before Cersei turns him against her. Our best bit? Lady Olenna’s firsthand tips and tricks for seducing future husbands. Now that’s our kind of woman.

By George Driver and Shari Sharpe

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