The 10 Best Met Ball Accessories

The 10 Best Met Ball Accessories

We've rounded up the ten most fabulous adornments from this year's Met Ball

From oversized floral head garlands to Pharrell style hats to extreme thigh high sandals, this year's Met Ball was once again a feast for the accessory seeking eyes. Check out our round up of this year's hottest looks.

1. The Face Veil

Taking her Givenchy Haute Couture dress top to toe, Beyonce rocks the mysterious widow look with this beaded face veil.



2. The Jewelled Hair Clasp

From Cara Delevingne to Olivia Munn, hair accessories were having a retro moment courtesy of bejeweled hair clips and sleek sideswept dos.

Olivia Munn and Cara Delevingne


3. The Oversized Earring

Whether ginormous gold bamboo hoops on Rosie Huntington Whitely, gothic chandeliers courtesy of Beyonce or Selena Gomez’s bold Lorraine Schwartz bling, one thing’s for sure, earrings were big (literally).

Rosie Huntington Whitely and Selena Gomez


4. The Surprise Shoes

Extreme sandals or barely there boots? Either way Rita Ora’s thigh-strappingly good Casadei heels were the talk of the Met Gala. Yes the matching arm ribbon (?) may have been overkill but here at InStyle we like a tryer. In other news, a little bird tells us that under all those ruffles, Suki Waterhouse was secretly sporting a pair of boyish leather boots. Pretty on top and badass underneath? We salute you Suki.

Rita Ora


5. The Up-To-The-Elbow Glove

Taking the classic theme and running with it was SJP in her white bejeweled Oscar De La Renta elbow-length gloves. And it wasn’t just her who chose to cover up, Karlie Kloss and Fifty Shades of Grey starlet Dakota Johnson followed suit, too.

SJP and Dakota Johnson

6. The Ear Cuff

Another mention for Rita Ora (well she was wearing pretty much all the accessories) as ear cuffs claimed their place amongst diamond adorned ears. Rita’s Lorraine Schwartz wing tips lent an air of ancient Greece to the proceedings,whilst Charlize Theron’s Fred Leighton cuffs added much-needed glitz to her otherwise classic get up.

Rita Ora and Charlize Theron

7. The Flower Garland

An accessory and a half, Kate Upton’s Dolce and Gabbana floral hair garland isn’t one for wallflowers. We’ve dubbed it Widow Chic.

Kate Upton

8. The Gravity Defying Hat

Never one to be outdone on headwear, Erykah Badu went all Pharrell on us with her Givenchy Haute Couture hat. It’s actually so tall we almost missed the truly humungous earrings emerging from the bottom of it. Miraculously the look just survives falling into ridiculousness. You win this round Erykah.

Erykah Badu


9. The Purple Do

Last year she went white, but this year it’s all about the purple for Nicole Richie. Somewhere between Katy Perry’s rich jewel tones and Kelly Osborne’s pastel tresses, we think the muted hue looks pretty and ethereal, a perfect match for Richie’s elfin slip dress.

Nicole Richie

10. The Lupita

An accessory unto herself, Lupita nails the Decorations part of this year’s Met Gala theme. Some may say it’s too much but we love that Lupita hasn’t taken herself too seriously. Frankly a bit of fun never hurt anyone, especially at a costume party! With beads, a hairband and feathers galore all in a striking emerald green, Lupita looks radiant. Case closed.



Honourable mention goes to Kim Kardashian for changing her belt, shoes and bracelets in the car on the way to the gala. Now that's commitment.


By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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