Tesco Is Launching An £80 Wedding Dress. But Would You Wear It Down The Aisle?

Tesco Is Launching An £80 Wedding Dress. But Would You Wear It Down The Aisle?

Tesco's clothing line, F&F, has unveiled its first ever bridal look, and it's a snip at just £80

Tesco might not be the first place that springs to mind when you're thinking about where to go to buy your dream wedding dress, but that could all be set to change now that the supermarket has announced it will be making its first ever bridal gown available – for just £80.

With it's lace detailing, cap sleeves and simply column shape, there's a lot to like about F&F's simple bridal look. And it's one that will suit most brides, especially since it comes in sizes 6 - 18. Plus, it's handwashable, so if you were to wear it again, there would be no extra dry cleaning costs incurred. In other words, you're definitely getting your money's worth.

The question is, are you the kind of bride that wold be happy picking up her wedding dress at the same time as a bag of Maris Pipers? Or is the very thought of wearing a supermarket dress down the aisle (church, not biscuit), enough to bring you out in hives?

With the average UK wedding now costing upwards of £20,000, it's not surprising that brides and grooms are increasingly looking at the areas where they can potentially save a few pennies in the wedding planning process. And maybe the dress is be a good place to start – especially if you're only going to pack it away in a box once you've worn it for a day.

'Wedding dresses can be cripplingly expensive,' says InStyle's bride-to-be and senior features writer, Lucy Pavia. 'I nearly laughed out loud when I asked the shop assistant at my first bridal fitting how much the dress I was standing in cost. I also noticed the ladies in some boutiques would handle the price negotiation like they were selling a used car: "you can take it for three-four-four-nine but I'd need you to put down a deposit this afternoon" - urgh. I can understand why there's a market springing up for cheaper wedding dresses; though the idea of buying a dress down at Tesco doesn't fill me with joy, if you're on a tight budget it's definitely worth looking for a long white dress that's not specifically bridal or even scouring through a really good charity shop.'

Lucy's right: a dress doesn't have to have the word bridal in front of it to make it appropriate for a wedding. We've found some high street alternatives to Tesco's £80 wedding dress that will have you walking down the aisle in style with enough left over for another couple of bottles of Prosecco. 


Left: Dress with lace detail, £67, Asos. Right: Organza bandeau dress, £59.99, H&M.



Left: True Decadence allover lace skater dress, £70, from Asos. Right: High-neck lace shift dress, £48, Topshop.

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