Terry de Havilland goes couture

Terry de Havilland goes couture
Terry de Havilland

Shoe fetishists take note; this is footwear news you need to know...

Terry de Havilland is a shoe designer who counts Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cheryl Cole among his fans and he's launching an extra-special, super-exclusive couture service for clients who want that special something from their footwear.

Terry made his name as the 'rock & roll cobbler' with his witty designs and colourful footwear offerings and has become one of the must-have shoe designers for discerning fashionistas. Terry shot to fame in the 70s designing vertiginous wedges for fashionable feet and has experienced something of a renaissance in Noughties footwear wardrobes.

For anyone who's always wanted that special shade, an exact shoe-colour match to their lipstick, for example, (you mean you've never thought of it?), or just to have a design brain like Terry's all to yourself, this is very exciting news.

For more info go to http://www.tdhcouture.com/

By Pat McNulty

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