T-Rex Hands: The Latest Craze To Help You Nail That Selfie

T-Rex Hands: The Latest Craze To Help You Nail That Selfie

Another day, another slightly bizarre social media craze. Apparently rocking a set of 'T-Rex Hands' is actually a thing. No really...

'T-Rex Hands' are a thing. Yes, that's correct. Apparently, holding your hands in a manner similar to the most famous of massive prehistoric dinosaurs is now a guaranteed way to ensure that your Insta-selfie is 100% banging.

No. We aren't making this up. Read on...

You know that awkward thing when you’ve turned the iPhone around with the express intention of nailing a pre-night out snap (because for once your liquid eyeliner is symmetrical and well, the whole world needs to see it right?) and you don’t know what on earth to do with that spare hand.

Do you artfully twist a lock of hair? Coyly place a finger against your lips…no, that’s a little bit too Dr Evil. Throw a victory sign? Too cliché. Ugh, the stress of the spare hand!

What to do people?!

Well, according to successful beauty blogger Huda Kattan (who claims to have invented the phenomenon), the best way to get the most out of your awkward handage is to make like a T-Rex. Yes really.

According to science types, the reasons as to why the formidable dinosaur had such wee arms was primarily down to evolution, but Huda has an altogether different take on things. According to her Instagram tutorial, adopting a limp ‘T-Rex’ style hand-hold in and around your face is the surefire way to add instant allure to your selfies. And well, she's kind of on to something...

Plus, unlike an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex, it’s a great way to show off that new set of gels.

And while you might all be reading this and snickering, ‘T-Rex Hands’ is taking over Instagram, with many celebs already adopting the pose…and you probably haven’t even noticed!

Queen of the selfie Kylie Jenner is partial to a bit of dinosaur hand action, together with the likes of sister Kendall, Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid and Zendaya. Come on, you know you're already dying to try it.

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So with ‘Fish Gape’ making way for ‘T-Rex Hands’ it really remains to be seen what bonkers and slightly obscure selfie trick will come along next.

‘Unicorn Yoga’ pose? Let’s hope so…

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