EXCLUSIVE: Why Stella Maxwell Is ALL About Nips On Insta, Plus Crushing On Bella

EXCLUSIVE: Why Stella Maxwell Is ALL About Nips On Insta, Plus Crushing On Bella

And she gets that body from playing... PING. PONG.

Fresh off her stint on the Victoria’s Secret runway, Stella Maxwell talks to Joshington Hosts exclusively on the set of the Replay Touch campaign (where she's teaming up with Irina Shayk) about how she deals with the intense media scrutiny surrounding her, nudity on Instagram, admiring Bella Hadid and how ping pong can help get you THAT body…

JH: You're always in the news, how do you deal with media scrutiny?

SM: I think it’s better not to read into anything too much because you know in reality people don’t really know what’s going on in your life. You just have to keep it light. If I do ever read anything I don’t get too worried about it because whatever the scenario is, it’s not you and you know it’s going to be old news in a day or two.

JH: We love that you're never scared to show a bit of flesh on Instagram, how do you feel about free nipple?

SM: I find it really tricky because I always try to be tasteful but I know some of my pictures have been taken down, even though you can’t see my nipple because they are blurred or covered by shadows, so I don’t get the problem. That just isn’t a vulgar photo in any way. And then I see other Instagram accounts where it’s just really pornographic with really vulgar poses, but her nipple’s covered so whatever! I feel a bit twisted on that.

JH: Talk us through your go-to denim styles, as the face of Replay's Touch campaign?

SM: Either a boyfriend jean; kinda loose jean, low-waisted, maybe with a few tears on, but not too contrived, like vintagey looking. I love to buy vintage denim or I go for a skinny high-waisted jean. High-waisted is great because it tapers in your waist and stretchy denim sculps your arse.  

JH: We'd love to know your denim inspo?

SM: Britney when she was double denim with Justin.

JH: Worst hairstyle you ever had?

SM: Ooh, I’ve had a bowl haircut which was pretty narly!  

JH: Beauty product go-tos?

SM: I like a really good moisturiser. Concealer is very important, I really like the Touche Éclat or the Laura Mercier concealers. I’m really about skin, once you have good skin, and can contour, you’re cool and nothing else matters.

JH: What’s your most prized purchase of 2016?

SM: I bought a Gucci jacket that I’m obsessed with. It’s a black leather jacket with studs, lots of embroidery with beautiful flowers. I know that I will keep that for life!  

JH: And we REALLY want to know what your fitness regime like?

SM: I have a personal trainer in New York, and then in L.A I have a trainer, too, but in LA I try to go on more like hikes, get some fresh air, hang out with friends and kind of do some things more social. Lately, at night, it’s not really exercise but going to play ping pong or pool.

JH: Please give us some tips for staying motivated to workout?

SM: My body is my work so that is my main motivation. Personally if I have a healthy body I have a healthy mind, too.

JH: Your friendship group is #squadgoals, how important are your pals to you?

SM: I think who you hang out with really reflects a lot on you. I’m around so many people all the time so when I have my days off, or my downtime, I’m really selective. I only want to hang out with people that I really love.

JH: Which models do you look up to?

SM: A lot of girls that I know work really hard and that’s inspiring in itself, especially Bella Hadid and Taylor Hill. We’re all doing our thing and that’s empowering. When you see how we’re all progressing and moving up, when we all started on the same level, that's amazing. 

Stella Maxwell is the face of Replay's Touch campaign

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