So THIS Is What Cara Delevingne And Pharrell Are Really Up To

So THIS Is What Cara Delevingne And Pharrell Are Really Up To

Cara Delevingne and Pharrell are the latest stars of Chanel's next film

Ok, so we all heard the rumours about our fav model and all round cool kid Cara Delevingne recording a single with the living-advert for anti-ageing cream, Pharrell Williams and, really, when has celebrity gossip ever been wrong?! Well, this week to be exact...

Never fear, we've called upon our inner private investigators and discovered what the coolest collab since Alexander Wang and H&M are really up to. And it's awesome.

Joining forces with fashion powerhouse Chanel, Cara and Pharrell are set to star in the brand's latest film. Directed by Karl Lagerfeld (quelle surprise!) and also starring six-year-old model Hudson Kroenig, this is one film release you won't want to miss.

Saying that - unless you happen to be in Salzburg, Austria on 2nd December, you might have to. With the film being screened to coincide with the Chanel Metiers d'Art show, you'd have to be one lucky fashion editor to get a seat on the FROW for this one. And if we're going by Chanel's most recent film release starring the epic Gisele (see below), Cara and Pharrell's cinematic debut is going to be a good'un.

Taking place on the same night as the 2014 Victoria's Secret fashion show in London, this is a fashion clash of epic proportions. If you need us, we'll be booking late night flights to Salzburg to see exactly what Cara has been up to…

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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