SNEAK PEEK! Jaeger spring/summer collection

SNEAK PEEK! Jaeger spring/summer collection

We’ve got our hot little hands on Stuart Stockdale’s preview sketch for Jaeger London!

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to see what the next fashion season holds even though you’ve only just got into your autumn/winter duds. And so you’ll be excited to have a sneaky peep at this stunning sketch by Jaeger London’s design director, Stuart Stockdale, for the spring/summer show next week.

Just look at that bold colour! And how about that flirty hemline? All toughened up by a rather utilitarian-looking strap – YUM.

The designer says: "This season we have taken inspiration from various art movements: Modernism, which focused on confronting tradition and the need to renew. Surrealism, with its elements of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions and Minimalism, the early 1960s movement used to describe simplicity and austerity in art. All three movements have been fused together to create one cohesive collection".

We want more!

Check out the top looks from the Jaeger London catwalk on Tuesday 21 September and come back tomorrow for the first shows hot off the New York runways!


By Maria Milano

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