Can A Fashion App Really Make You More Stylish?

Can A Fashion App Really Make You More Stylish?

Fashion director Arabella Greenhill on the clever bit of tech that put some colour into her life

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Fashion director Arabella Greenhill on the clever bit of tech that put some colour into her life...

I love wearing black. I work in fashion so this may be an obvious statement. When someone asks me what my favourite colour is, I don’t have to think – it’s black. Though sometimes I wonder if black is even a colour?

There are several reasons for my preference. Firstly, it’s very easy to get dressed quickly in the morning as everything goes together, especially at this time of year when it is so dark that it’s hard to see what you are putting on anyway, plus it never shows the dirt (apart from toothpaste annoyingly... Always get dressed after you've brushed your teeth!). I love black in the summer, too. It’s so chic with a pair of fabulous sandals. Who needs colour?

However, I must admit, over the last few years, colour has been creeping into my wardrobe. Gradually I started to venture into shades of grey and navy, both of which look great with black and each other (yes, navy and black do work together and look very chic).

But things have changed more rapidly recently. My wardrobe is unrecognisable these days. Once a sea of black clothes, it is now interspersed with colour and print. I no longer look like I am always going to a funeral (so easy to dress for and weddings so much harder.) So what has changed?

As a redhead, I’ve stayed away from many colours for most of my life as I imagined they would clash with my hair. When I was a child everyone told me I should wear green. I tried it. It felt so obvious. I didn’t do that again. So over the years I let my hair be the pop of colour in my outfit as I wore shades of black, grey and navy, with a splash of white when I was feeling adventurous.

My turning point was spotting Julianne Moore looking incredible in the most amazing red dress at an event. I became obsessed. As a fellow redhead I felt inspired – if she could do it, then so could I, but with so many shades of red it was hard to know where to start.

This is when I discovered Snap Fashion and its magic matching colour wheel (think of it as the clothes version of what Dulux does with matching paint colours). With the help of my Snap Fashion app, I photographed a picture of Julianne’s dress, asked to see all the dresses in that shade and let it work its magic to find me the perfect one, which it did.

I bought a gorgeous red dress from Finery. I felt nervous about wearing it but when I finally plucked up the courage, I had so many compliments. I love that dress. It changed my life. I now wore a colour.

But for me, it has to be the right shade of red and this is where Snap Fashion became my new best shopping friend. I now know the perfect shade of red for me exists in skirts, trousers, coats, accessories and more dresses. It has opened up a whole new world of shopping opportunities, though I am not yet quite ready to wear the head-to-toe colour  trend seen at Gucci this season (tights included).

I recently even tried to wear orange for the first time in my life. That was a strange, groundbreaking but enjoyable day. Again it needs to be the right shade, which Snap Fashion helped me to find. When I wear more colour to the fashion shows, the street style photographers definitely photograph me more. Black or darker shades don't look as exciting in pictures, so wearing colour is a surefire way to get your picture taken.

However, I have to say, as much as I have embraced some colours, I am not quite ready for next season's big colour trend… yellow. But this is something I am hoping Snap Fashion can help me with. 

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