SJP's First Ever Collection Of Wedding Shoes Is GORGEOUS, Obviously

SJP's First Ever Collection Of Wedding Shoes Is GORGEOUS, Obviously

Sarah Jessica Parker has *finally* come to her senses and added a beautiful range of wedding shoes to her already super successful SJP Collection shoe line

If there's one women who really, really knows her shoes it's Sarah Jessica Parker. After spending literally years walking in Carrie Bradshaw's Manolo Blahniks — and becoming a bona fide style icon in her own right — the 50-year-old Sex and the City star took her shoe obsession to the next level back in 2013 when she launched her very own high heel range; SJP Collection. Since then, we've been pining over her killer designs every time she steps out of her Manhattan front door. 

And while the range has been super successful both in the UK and in its native US, we almost can't believe it's taken her *this* long to expand the line into the realm of bridal. Now however, we're very pleased to tell you, she's finally done just that. 

Sure, when on-screen you wouldn't exactly call her a poster bride but her brand new wedding shoes are certainly the pinnacle of their market. And with someone so sartorially blessed on hand to design them, each pair is just as beautiful as you'd expect.

Of course, there's the classic cream satin court but with lashings of ornate gems and stones they're wedding shoes worthy of even the most stylish of brides. However, in true SJP form, there are bright hues and sexy finishes to choose from too meaning that if you're looking for a pair of heels to see you through your big day AND beyond, you've come to the right place to find them. 

What's more, she's even created a homage to those cobalt blue Manolo heels (complete with that STUNNING brooch detail) that Carrie herself wears ties the knot with Mr Big in the SATC film! Yep — we predict a sellout situation... 

So, whether you're currently planning your wedding or are simply dreaming of your big day, we reckon you can easily strike wedding shoes off of your to-do list.

The SJP Collection bridal range is available now from and 

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