SJP reveals why she didn't want to name her shoe collection after herself, but we think she's being silly...

Sarah Jessica Parker has spent most of her career being referred to by her iconic initials, so you'd reckon that when it came down to putting her name to something she would use just that — her SJP identifier. However, it seems like she's not as big a fan for those three little letters as the rest of us seem to affectionately be, as this latest revelation proves. 

Across the pond, the 50-year-old (yes, REALLY) actress-turned-bona fide fashion icon sat down for a chat with our sister site to discuss her new SJP Collection range when she said: 'I tried not to have my name on it [the collection]. I begged everybody'. Say. WHAT? 

'It embarrassed me, and I didn’t actually like it,' the Sex and the City star went on to explain. 'I had other ideas, I can’t recall.' 

While this sounds completely ridiculous to us, we can still kind of see her point. Of course, if anyone knows shoes it's the woman who walked in Carrie Bradshaw's Manolo Blahnik's for a decade but, to her, putting her name to the range made it seem like just another celebrity plug — even if that couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact is that the Italian-made SJP Collection has enjoyed such amazing success because Parker has created utterly stunning heels that every woman wants to wear — and to be frank, if people didn't like them, they wouldn't be buying them now would they? 

Continuing the interview, Sarah went on to say just how her collection came about and it's no surprise that everyone else thought it was a stellar idea. 

Sarah said: 'I picked up the phone and I called George Malkemus [CEO of Manolo Blahnik] and I said, "This is ridiculous, and forgive me if this sounds presumptuous, but would you ever consider producing a shoe line with me?" And he said, "Be at my office tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.”' Yep — this girl's got friends in very high places... 

And, if her latest collection is anything to go by, we reckon she'll be up there with the best of them in no time! Check out the new season SJP Collection heels here.

Not only does Sarah have mad shoe designing skills but she's got a killer bod to boot. Want it for yourself? Get it with our exclusive SJP workout video below...