Sienna and Claudia give us Chanel envy

Sienna and Claudia give us Chanel envy

Karl Lagerfeld proves his generosity by gifting his favourite celebs with these exclusive Chanel tees.

There are endless benefits to being an A-list celebrity. Not only do you get invited to all the coolest parties, snag the hottest men and enjoy endless hours of shopping without financial fret - you also get exclusive presents from top designers that are unavailable for the rest of the world to buy.

So when we saw Sienna Miller and Claudia Schiffer out and about sporting this super cute Chanel logo nautical tee we couldn't wait to find out where we could purchase. But, bully for us Karl Lagerfeld kindly designed these t-shirts exclusively for VIPs as Xmas pressies - bummer!

However, we won't be defeated - Chanel Logo we may not have but nautical stripes we may; check out Gap, Topshop and Primark for a zillion variations on Karl's theme and team yours with skinnes, satchels and shoe-boots like Sienna and Schiffer for a near copycat look.

By Kat Webster


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