Ivy Park's Most Bootylicious Buys - Shoppers, Get In Formation...

Ivy Park's Most Bootylicious Buys - Shoppers, Get In Formation...

Ivy Park is out NOW, but which pieces should you sharpen your elbows for? InStyle's Shopping Editor Josh Newis-Smith is here to show you...

If you didn't know that Beyoncé was launching a sportswear label called Ivy Park, then you must be living under a rock. Last night, the line named after her baby GURL launched at Topshop - and it’s set to be a sell-out. Want to beat the queues and find the best buys? Our Shopping Editor Josh Newis-Smith (AKA Joshington Hosts) sharpened his elbows and picked out the best pieces - and then accessorised them with Beyoncé hits. You. Are. Welcome.

1. The Single Ladies Leotard

I am about to run the London Marathon and I am ever so tempted to sack off my heavily planned out outfit in favour of this bad boy body! Shame it doesn't come with the sass of Beyoncé as some sort of accessory. Maybe sachets of Sasha sass will make it into the next collection. Wear it on its own when running the world or layer with a ‘90s skirt for a drunk in love night out.

2.  The Baby Boy (GREAT SONG REF ALERT) Bomber

I am thinking about this all the time, I see it in my dreams. Moving on... one of the few jacket options in the collection, this screams summer in the city. Perfect for adding an extra dimension to your,  ‘I have just come from the gym and now I am at brunch and look girls did you know that I work out ALL the time’, weekend look.

3. The Jumpin' Jumpin' Jumper

I am drunk in love with this textured jumper-it's perfect for those who want to subtly buy into this collection without having Ivy Park emblazoned across them. Who knew this would be a chilled choice?

4. The Bootylicous Leggings

Kelly, can you handle this? Michelle... Well, we all know Michelle can't handle this! Also available in a leotard version (perhaps impossible to pull off unless you are ACTUALLY Beyoncé), these legging will bring a new dimension to your Zumba class.

5. The Crazy In Love Crop

Prepare to hair whip yourself into A&E because this crop top is the best thing you never had (yet).

Head to our snap chat @instyleuk to go behind the scenes at the launch night. There are Beyoncé tap dancers and EVERYTHING.

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