The 11 Best ‘Grams From @EveryOutfitOnSATC

The 11 Best ‘Grams From @EveryOutfitOnSATC

Sex And The City fashion was… something

Sex And The City taught us a lot about life: how (not) to deal when your friend falls over naked in the bathroom, why a pear shaped diamond engagement ring might give you hives and that it’s totally OK to eat chocolate cake out of a bin (#prayforMiranda).

But the biggest lessons we learned from Carrie and co? The fashion. The gals wore some amazing outfits throughout their 94 episodes. Would we ever wear Miranda’s dungaree/puffa jacket/cap combo in 2016? Hell no. But do we want an Instagram account chronicling every single misguided, hugely inappropriate and flat-out WTF looks from all 6 series?! Um, duh. So thank you @everyoutfitonsatc for making our dreams come true.

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Before you get too deep into your new favourite Instagram account, we’ve rounded up our favourite grams for your sartorial pleasure. Shout out to these GENIUS captions, too…

1. When Samantha turned her hair loss into a lot of hair gain

Is cultural appropriation chill if you have cancer? Kind of loving Samantha's #RachelDolezal aesthetic in S6/EP17

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2. Miranda asserting her authority in a classic striped shirt


3. Charlotte testing out her edgy side with this leather number


4. THIS iconic Miranda look aka how to successfully avoid your ex-boyfriend

Miranda's iconic monochromatic overalls & puffer coat ensemble (S2 /EP1) #butch #MirandaOffDuty

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5. Miranda in general, tbh…


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6. Charlotte’s Annie Hall vibes

*watches Annie Hall once* (S6/ EP 13) #CharlotteYork #AnnieHall

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7. Charlotte letting loose


8. Even Carrie was into this whole yellow mac trend


9. When you really probably shouldn’t be getting married if you’re hiding your engagement ring under all those pearls

10. Oh hey Geri Halliwell (and that early noughties wardrobe staple skirt)

❗️VERY IMPORTANT CAMEO❗️Also remember how every thot in 2003 had that skirt? (S6/EP10) #GeriHalliwell

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11. Forget the tutu – what about the guy?!


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