SEE PICS: Giorgio Armani designs Cate Blanchett’s costumes in new film Hanna

SEE PICS: Giorgio Armani designs Cate Blanchett’s costumes in new film Hanna

Design legend Giorgio Armani lends his talents to Cate Blanchett’s costumes in new film Hanna, co-starring Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana…

No stranger to working with Cate Blanchett, or on films, Giorgio Armani designs the star’s costumes in new adventure thriller Hanna.


Giorgio Armani has been working on films ever since he dressed Richard Gere in the 1980 film American Gigolo. Since then the designer has created costumes for movies including Ocean’s Thirteen and The Dark Knight. And now he’s lent his hand to new movie Hanna starring Cate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana.


The adventure thriller follows 16-year-old Hanna (Saoirse) as she is brought up by her widowed father (Eric) and trained to become the perfect assassin to face unfinished family business. Cate Blanchett plays a ruthless intelligence operative that seeks to find Hanna and reveal startling truths about the young girls humanity.

Giorgio Armani worked closely with costume designer Lucie Bates and Cate herself to create a Wicked Witch persona by using elegantly tailored suiting and emerald greens that would contrast with Cate’s dyed red hair.


On working with Cate, Giorgio said: “Working with Cate Blanchett, on and off the screen, has always been a highlight for me. She embodies the perfect combination of consummate actor and world-class fashion icon.”

And we couldn’t agree more. See the costumes for yourself when Hanna is released 6 May.

By Sarah Smith

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