Scotch & Soda’s ‘The Story Of Things’ Comes To Life

Scotch & Soda’s ‘The Story Of Things’ Comes To Life

Eclectic Dutch super brand Scotch & Soda launched their online campaign ‘The Story of Things’ earlier this year, plunging the viewer into the Scotch & Soda world by showcasing their new collection through an inventive storytelling technique. The short movies capture’s the brand’s thirst for travelling and exploring the planet


In ‘The Story of Things Part 2’ (East) we meet Lola, in her quirky Amsterdam apartment, filled with treasures and hand-written notes that her brother Oscar has sent her over the years. The apartment is full to the brim of knick-knacks from his adventures, and in turn, seeing the world through her brother’s eyes, Lola’s spirit for adventure grows.

Scotch & Soda has taken ‘The Story of Things’ one-step further this Winter by recreating Lola’s apartment, full of the trinkets and letters that Oscar sent and has allowed the public to come in and stay overnight – providing a new kind of immersion experience for a brand. For only 100 euros a night, the doors to Lola’s incredibly beautiful and kitsch apartment are thrown open, read her musings, listen to her record collection, and bask in her world. Take her bikes and ride to some of Lola’s favourite restaurants and coffee shops, seeing the world through her eyes.

If you send your sizes ahead to Lola, she will even prepare a capsule wardrobe of Scotch & Soda’s expertly made designs for you to wear and take home.

Visit to find out more and stay tuned for ‘The Story of Things’ Part 3.

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