SATC dress sell-out

SATC dress sell-out

Carrie Bradshaw's dress from the Sex and the City movie sells out within hours on

Remember that wedding scene from Sex and The City: The Movie? When Mr Big didn't show up? And she pummelled him with her bouquet? And then she went to Mexico and wore no make-up for a week? But of course you do.
Remember what she was wearing? Naturally. Not just because you saw it in the film, but because the fashion press began hyperventilating over shots of it roughly two decades before the film was released in May last year. But for those of you who have been living in a cupboard (and for whom we have now presumably ruined half the film - sorry) it was a champagne silk Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Lily Gown. Last week it went on sale on Net-a-Porter, and by the afternoon it was sold out.
Just how many were snapped up is unknown, but the wannabe Carrie Bradshaw brides, who spent weeks preparing to enter their credit card details with the relative speed of a ninja, will have paid £4,530 for it (the knee-length version) and must wait three months for it to be made.
Want to sport the full-length version when you say 'I do'? That'll be about £10,000 and six months of hard couture labour. Ideally you'll need to match this with a pair of Manolos and convince a small turquoise bird to perch in your hair for the day. 
What's more, a sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie has now been confirmed for summer 2010 so there'll no doubt be an online scramble in a couple of years for that christening outfit. Heaven forbid. 

By Lucy Pavia

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