The 2017 Trends You NEED To Find In The Sales

The 2017 Trends You NEED To Find In The Sales

Put down those trousers that are two sizes too small for you, they are not a bargain with a 10% reduction...

Sales shopping can throw one into a massive panic. Skip forward to a morning spent hopping around in a changing room asking yourself: “Do I really need these black PVC trousers which are one size two small? I might fit into them when I join the gym in January and all my fitness dreams are realised... So, YES, because they have 10 percent off and I NEED THEM."

The answer actually is: no, you don’t need them.

Here are the five trends you do need to tap up in the sales to future proof your wardrobe come 2017.

N.B. There are NO references to florals below - now that is groundbreaking.


The racier the better. The more playful the better. Dior’s Spring/Summer 2017 will be what Gucci was to 2015-2016. So shop 'til you drop for sheer dresses, skirts, bralets, basically ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING SEE THROUGH. It’s a slapper’s paradise and best of all it's all in the name of fashion.


Believe it or not, the Turkey isn’t the only thing that needs wrapping up in foil. Lamé is great for the party season but come SS17, you're going to sashay into the club/office/corner shop 1980s style. From the ultimate pink disco at Gucci to the futuristic Isabel Marant, the soireé staple will be shimmying well into next summer.

(FROM LEFT: Gucci and Isabel Marant)


Monochrome is a perennial favourite but come 2017 it’s opting for an optical approach. Those with visual sensitivity should avoid, otherwise, look out for bold stripes, snazzy swirls and the good ol' polka dot. Top points for those who can locate a playful pleated number or any drastic draping à la Louis Vuitton.

(Louis Vuitton)


I couldn’t resist using that very basic fashion journalist line - because, let’s face it, it’s almost the Christmas break and it does what it says on the tin. From acid to girly, pink takes on many tones for next year. But stay away from sickly sweet interpretations and instead give pink some serious power by looking out for strong silhouettes and avoiding anything twee.

(FROM LEFT: Valentino and Celine)


All that glitters will still be golden come next year. Just ensure your heavy metal pieces are given a relaxed re-styling with sliders, or if you really want to get fresh (Prince) with ’17, team with a baseball cap... Karl Lagerfeld always comes up with golden ideas.

FROM LEFT: Maison Margiela and Chanel


Box fresh whites will be freshened up with a sporty spirit. But if dressing like a fencing instructor isn't your thing (SEE DIOR FOR REFERENCE) then use a more utilitarian approach by making sure your purchases pack some serious pockets.

FROM LEFT: Dior and Marni

All that's left to say is, stay safe our there, sales shopping is basically the first world’s version of warfare. Wardrobe Warfare, if you will.

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