River Island's Pacha Party: A Final Hurrah For One Seriously Cool Fashion Collab

River Island's Pacha Party: A Final Hurrah For One Seriously Cool Fashion Collab
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A who's who of the biggest names in blogging plus the coolest celeb guests in town? Just your average River Island summer party then...

If there's two things River Island does really, REALLY well it's this; 1) they create achingly cool clothes that we'll pine after all season long and 2) they know how to throw a badass party, and last Thursday saw them do the latter like never before.

The dream team behind the high street fav cooked up an epic evening of dangerously tasty cocktails, Ibiza-worthy tunes and even managed to tap the sun to give us one of the most beautiful soirees of the season.

Held on the Madison Roof Top Bar located a mere stone's throw from St. Pauls, the view across London was beyond breathtaking as we sipped on berry coolers and champagne cocktails to watch the sun go down.

Naturally, River Island managed to secure one of the hottest guest lists of the season - a who's who of all the blogging superstars and a host of very special celeb attendees (meeting Charli XCX was MEGA) made this one of their best parties to date, even if a melancholy hung in the air.

You see, the evening was thrown as a send-off celebration for their last ever (sob!) Pacha collab, but boy did it go out with a bang.

It's a relationship that River Island and Pacha have held since God knows when, and we don't need to tell you that it's become something of a summer fashion institution. From sexy poolside cover ups to utterly gorgeous beaded bikinis, RI have made holiday party-dressing so simple, it could make even the most body-shy of girls want to strip down to her swimwear smalls.

While RIxPacha will always have a place in our hearts, it'll also be a firm fixture in our wardrobes too this season. After all, we guarantee you'll regret not snapping up some of the hot pieces from this year's offering. In fact, it may just be their most on-point Pacha collection to date.

RIxPacha, it's been a blast... 

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