Rita Ora Knows What You Should Get Your New Boyfriend For Christmas

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Having a Christmas shopping nightmare? Rita Ora is here to help

Pop star and X Factor judge Rita Ora is the new face of underwear brand Tezenis. But how does she organise her own top drawer? We quizzed her for some lingerie tips... 

1) Keep the mystery 

"Good underwear should make a woman feel comfortable – no one likes a wedgie – but it should also give you a good mindset. You want to walk around thinking, ‘Don’t you want to know what I’ve got on under this?"

2) Lose the padding 

"I developed very early and have a larger than average bust so it’s always been a little harder to find an attractive bra that fits properly. I hate padding. If you already have big tits why would you want bigger tits? I wear a lot of Tezenis because they do well-structured bras that don’t have too much padding."

3) Free the nipple!

"I like a little nipple showing too. Free the nipples! Shape-wise, I like to go for a balcony or a T-shirt bra that’s cut low to give you a bit of cleavage."

4) If in doubt lose the underwear 

"For the Oscars party earlier this year, I wore a Donna Karan dress that was sheer all the way down the side so I couldn’t wear any underwear with it. As the dress had been made for me and was so perfectly stitched to my body I didn’t worry about any slips."

5) What men want 

"I don’t think men care that much about underwear. They’ll like you in a little set, but then just as quickly they’ll forget about it."

6) Try a pin-up look

"Sometimes I’ll go for a vintage look with pants that go right up over the hips, other times I like hipster styles."

7) If it's starting to bobble it has to go 

"I hate when lingerie goes holey, the lace starts to bobble or the nude shade has turned a bit brown. Time to go!"

Rita Ora is the face of Tezenis. The new collection is available to buy instore and online now at tezenis.com


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The new collection is available to buy instore and online now 

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