Rihanna Wins Second Topshop Court Case

Rihanna Wins Second Topshop Court Case

Rihanna is granted permanent injunction against Topshop, as she wins second High Court ruling

Rihanna has been granted a permanent injunction against Topshop, banning the high-street store from selling T-shirts bearing a specific image of her.

This week’s ruling follows Rihanna’s first High Court win against Topshop in July, after she sued the British chain for using her imagine on a T-shirt without consent.


Court judge Mr Justice Birss ruled it as “an act of passing off”, as fans may have been confused into thinking that the star has genuinely endorsed the item. Topshop continued to argue that it bought the picture’s licence from the photographer who took it, making them fully entitled to use it.

As well as the injunction won on Wednesday, Rihanna could receive an estimated £919,000 in legal fees from the Arcadia Group, which owns the high-street brand.


Topshop has been granted an appeal however, so watch this space for more news as we get it. JB

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