Rihanna Makes Her Biggest Fashion Statement Yet…

Rihanna Makes Her Biggest Fashion Statement Yet…

…with a new job as the Global Amabassador of Puma

Rihanna may be first and foremost a singer, but she's fast becoming as well known for her place in the fashion industry as in the charts.

From her 90s-inspired casual sporty ensembles to her statement red carpet outfits, RiRi is constantly turning heads with her style statements.

And now she's putting her obvious eye for fashion to even better use as the Global Amabassador for Puma. Having already designed a couple of distinctly sporty ranges for River Island, and being a well known fan of Alexander Wang's athletic separates, Rihanna seems to be the perfect choice for the sportswear brand, in what appears to be quite a hands on role.

According to WWD, Rihanna will 'work with Puma to design and customize classic Puma styles as well as create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio.'

And seeing how much she liked wearing her own River Island collection, we're guessing RiRi will be the perfect marketing tool for Puma's womenswear. Especially now her Instagram ban has been lifted.

Bjørn Gulden, CEO at Puma commented: “Signing Rihanna is a fantastic step for PUMA. Her global profile, her charisma and individuality, her ambition – all these things make her a perfect ambassador for our brand. She also aligns perfectly with the values Puma strives for: to be Confident, Brave, Determined and Joyful. With a strong portfolio in football, running and motorsport, finding an inspiring partner for women’s training was very important. Rihanna was a natural choice for us. We’re delighted to have her as a partner, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come.”

Needless to say, we are too…

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