Rick Owens Causes A Stir With Full Frontal Male Nudity At His Paris Show

Rick Owens Causes A Stir With Full Frontal Male Nudity At His Paris Show

Yes, the designer went there. But can T-shirt-no-pants really become a fashion trend?

Forget Free The Nipple – it seems fashion designer Rick Owens is keen to let some other, less regularly seen, body parts shirk their clothing and see the world.

Yesterday, at his men's show in Paris, the FROWers got a LOT more than they bargained for as the designer sent several models down the runway wearing long T-shirt like garments sans trousers – and underwear.

And no, this was't an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction: the cut-away section and added peep-holes were definitely deliberate design choices. There's no mistaking that Rick Owens wanted the audience to cop an eyeful.

When it comes to nudity, few people are as non-plussed about seeing the odd nipple or bare breast than the fashion industry, but it's a rare occurrence that full frontal male nudity takes centre stage at a catwalk show.

But if there's a designer that loves making a provocative statement, it's Mr Owens, so if anyone was going to go there, it was always going to be him.

Of course, it didn't take long for the hashtag #DickOwens to emerge on Twitter, with the fashion pack quick to respond to the show on social media with calls that Rick Owens might have unwittingly created a new Page 3. Note to The Sun: Please, no.

But away from a crazy fashion stunt, is Rick's T-shirt-no-pants look really going to get the thumbs-up from any fashion-conscious man?

Aside from sleeping in (alone) at night, we'd have to say no. Unless you want to get an ASBO, put your pants on lads.

Either way, something tells us that Instagram won't be liking these pictures. Be prepared for the #FreeWilly T-shirts, people...

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