Raf Simons' Calvin Klein Revealed: 6 (Stranger) Things To Expect

Raf Simons' Calvin Klein Revealed: 6 (Stranger) Things To Expect

Raf Simons, former designer for Christian Dior unveils 'Calvin Klein By Appointment'. Beautifully minimalist we are very, very excited.

Raf Simons, one of the quietest men in fashion, played true to himself by announcing his first collection for Calvin Klein with very little fanfare. Whilst the announcement may have been subdued and reduced to a few sentences on the brand’s site the resulting campaign for the ‘By Appointment’ collection is anything but. Even though it is a made to measure service, reserved for bespoke clients, this is the first indication of Raf’s vision for the brand and we haven’t been this excited about Calvin Klein since Mark Wahlberg stripped down to his tight white CKs. Here’s what to expect from the new Calvin Klein, spoiler alert: it involves pants...

1. Larger Than Life 'Bridget' Knickers

According to Raf, ‘Calvin Klein is not only about iconic underwear and jeans, it’s about so much more,’ but given that underwear is at the centre of the Calvin Klein business is no surprise the iconic white undies made an appearance. But this time around they are back and bigger than ever, in fact as big as a good quality Bridget (Jones) knicker. The bigger the icon, the bigger the pants it seems.

2. Major(ette) Nip Slips

Listing cheerleaders, debutantes and majorettes as inspiration, Raf re-fashions the stars of the American Dream. But ladies, with short and flirty majorette dresses on offer get your pompoms at the ready and prepare to celebrate the great American side boob.

3. Putting the Minimal into Minimalism

Just because a dress is pared back it doesn’t mean the overall statement needs to be according to the new Calvin Klein. The result is the chicest cut out dress of ALL TIME and Raf shows us how to do reveal and conceal in the greatest of ways - train included - and serves up a side helping of 90s as well. He is just ticking ALL of the boxes.

4. Daring Debutantes

Who doesn’t love an overblown ball gown? But what about a full tulle skirt with braces? Making it super racey sans top, this is anything but a prim Prom queen vibe.

5. Wear Your Patriotism On Your Sleeve (OR Skirt)

Speaking about his first CK hurrah Raf says, ‘Calvin Klein By Appointment is very much about celebrating the American woman and American fashion.’ With such inspiration in mind, Raf deploys iconography to great effect with the stars and stripes refashioned into a cracking little skirt.

6. Stranger Things

If you are going to pick a celebrity face, picking someone from Stranger Things isn’t a bad place to start. At just 12 years old, Mille Bobby Brown makes an appearance in the campaign. Taking to Instagram to announce her involvement, the actress said, ‘I am so honored to be a part of this. A cast of distinct individuals brings the idea to life: Strength of character is key. Whether famous or unknown, all are treated equally – Calvin Klein By Appointment.’ We are officially jealous of a 12 year old’s wardrobe - how bleak/depressing!


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