9 Reasons Why The Queen Is, Like, SO Next Season

9 Reasons Why The Queen Is, Like, SO Next Season

Queen Elizabeth II is the ultimate style icon. Don't believe us? You just need to take a look at next season's catwalk collections for proof.

When we were sitting watching the a/w2015 catwalk shows back in February and March, we couldn't help noticing a bit of a theme emerging. With all those brooches, pearls and military-style ribbons and sashes, everything felt a bit, well, God Save The Queen. From Prada to Max Mara, these were the kind of royal clothes that wouldn't feel out of place stashed in an enormous wardrobe in Buck House. Are the likes of Emilia Wickstead and Karl Lagerfeld massive fans of our monarch? We really hope so…

1. Camel coats at Max Mara

It's like Max Mara saw this picture of the Queen and intentionally recreated the look on Gigi Hadid, even down to the fluffy cuffs. Thankfully, the Queen's look is a little more demure with that appropriate higher neckline and snazzy white gloves.

2. Peach shades at Emilia Wickstead

London fashion week darling Emilia Wickstead makes the kinds of clothes that are fit for a modern princess, and while the shapes might be more likely to be worn by a certain Duchess than the birthday girl herself, the colour palette felt distinctly Queen Liz. Peachy.

3. Medal ribbons at Prada

This was one of our favourite collections of the whole season, and one that really made us think of our favourite monarch. Granted, we probably won't see her wearing a babydoll dress any time soon, but those medal ribbon lapels scream 'Queen Elizabeth at a very, very special occasion, probably meeting a world leader'.

4. Brooches on grey jackets at Balenciaga

The only photographic evidence of the Queen NOT wearing a brooch is when she's in the country (see below) and these at Balenciaga felt very regal. We love the Queen in this shade of grey, too. Tres chic.

5. Kilts at Miu Miu

This is the Queen's go-to countryside look, and she's even been known to pair her kilt with a pair of wellies. We're more likely to ditch that bodywarmer and go for Miu Miu's knitted tee over our shirt instead, though.

6. Pearls at Stella McCartney

Oversized pearls are (literally) huge in jewellery news for a/w2015 and are an item that the Queen is seldom seen without. We're digging that massive pearl earring, too - if only she was wearing just the one she'd be bang on trend!

7. Cornflower blue at Louis Vuitton

Judging from the amount of times she's been spotted wearing it, this is the Queen's favourite colour (well, it does suit her very well). As well as at Louis Vuitton, this was a popular shade at Emilia Wickstead.

8. Monochrome tweed at Chanel

Doesn't she look dapper in this black and white tweed coat? We're imagining her wearing it to meet Karl Lagerfeld for afternoon tea. Well, they'd get on splendidly, wouldn't they?

9. Purple florals at Erdem

The likeness here is uncanny, aside from all that sheer material of course! We love the addition of some black gloves and a snazzy patent handbag.

Now look back at Queen Elizabeth's incredible style evolution...

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