Primark Removes 'Too Thin' Mannequin From Its Windows

Primark Removes 'Too Thin' Mannequin From Its Windows

The store came under fire for displaying a mannequin with protruding ribs

Primark was at the heart of a Twitter storm this weekend, after a customer shared a photo of a mannequin with protruding ribs which was being used to model a bikini in the window of a Glasgow store.

Eagle-eyed tweeter Mel Fraser shared the snap of the window display, alongside the question: 'Dear ‪@Primark‬, is it really necessary that these new mannequins have protruding ribs??'

The picture was subsequently re-tweeted thousands of times, and the store quickly made the decision to remove the model, promising never to use the offending mannequin again.

'We're currently changing our window displays,' Primark tweeted at Mel Fraser. 'The mannequins you describe will not be used in this way again.'

Primark is not the first store to be attacked for its use of overtly thin mannequins. Earlier this year, La Perla agreed to remove a similar looking mannequin from its store windows after it too was criticised for depicting an unhealthy body image.

However, it isn't just 'underweight' mannequins that are unpopular with customers. When Debenhams introduced size 16 mannequins in its Oxford Street store last year, they too were cause for controversy. While the store was trying to promote a healthy body image, some criticised the mannequins for the unrealistic toned appearance of their thighs and stomachs, and the Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies warned that larger mannequins made being overweight 'normal.'

Where do you stand on the mannequin size debate? 

By Olivia Marks

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