Primark, ASOS And Topshop Join Ban On Angora Products

Primark, ASOS And Topshop Join Ban On Angora Products

The high-street is fast becoming angora-free after disturbing reports from Peta

Primark, ASOS and Topshop are the latest high-street retailers to halt their production of angora products, after images and videos emerged of rabbits being mistreated in Chinese angora farms.

The videos, which surfaced and were shared on social media sites, show rabbits in filthy, caged conditions being plucked for their fur. Plucking invovles the pulling of fur from the skin of the rabbit, and is reportedly preferred to shearing as it is quicker and gives longer fibres.

H&M were among the first stores to stop producing angora once it had seen the video. However, the store also made clear that it was investigating the claims made in the video, and that this may not be a permanent decision.

Topshop's decision to pause their use of angora also echoes that of H&M. In a statement, Topshop said 'We have instructed our suppliers to halt the sourcing of product containing angora fibre whilst we investigate alternatives.'

Last week, Primark issued a statement declaring it would also be halting its use of angora: 'Following concern about animal welfare and the use of angora in clothing, the company has decided to cease ordering products that use angora while it continues to investigate the issue.'

Meanwhile, ASOS and Stella McCartney have taken a clearer line, and have banned the use of angora completely. Stella McCartney has said it will 'stop all future use of angora', while ASOS has also pulled all exisiting angora products from its shelves.

In a press release, PETA UK's Mimi Bekhechi said: 'By pulling all angora products from its international websites and shelves, ASOS has done the right thing for animals and consumers.'

Around 35 stores, also including Next, M&S and New Look, have now pledged to either stop use of angora completely, or at least while the issue is investigated.

By Olivia Marks

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