Why Pretty Woman Is Still A Major Style Inspiration

Why Pretty Woman Is Still A Major Style Inspiration
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Who'd have thought its been over 25 years since Richard Gere snapped that jewellery box on Julia Roberts fingers in Pretty Woman?

With Pretty Women into its 26th year, and in a bid to take our minds off the fact that we now feel older than ever, we've of course taken a walk (or glance) down memory lane by checking out some of the film's most iconic stills. 

Then, it hit us: just how much Julia Robert's character Vivian has taught us about fashion over the years. 

Lets overlook THAT blue tie-dye and white vest cut-out dress held together with nothing bar a metal ring for a second — looking back at her other costumes, so many of them have stood the test of time and launched new trends in their own right. In fact, we've even spotted some A-lister's rocking homages to Vivian's outfits this year. Nae, yesterday!

Don't believe us? Here's the proof... 

Those Boots
To be fair, not just anyone can pull off kinky, over-the-knee boots but as model of the moment Kendall Jenner proves, if you're tall enough, they go so much farther than a movie street-corner.

That Shirt
Vivian turned the humble, dare we say boring plain white shirt into an item with sex appeal just waiting to be unleashed. Leave three buttons undone, turn up your sleeves and you're good to go. Oh, and for those of you *really* wanting to make a style statement, try knotting it just like Julia... 

Those Gloves
George Clooney revealed that Amal whipped up her white gloves on the very morning of the Golden Globes. Did she have a Pretty Woman all-nighter the eve before? It certainly looks like it.

That Dress
Polkadots are definitely the Marmite of prints; you either love them or you hate 'em and we think we know where Jessica Alba sits. Now, she may not have the matching hat, but those pink flip flops go with the hue of her frock perfectly... So close. 

That Wig
While we LOVE Julia as a red head, there's no denying that with a blonde wig she looks like a stone cold fox. The same can be said, as it turns out, for Kylie Jenner. Who knew?!

Vivian, we salute you...

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