This Was The Year We Couldn't Stop Saying...

This Was The Year We Couldn't Stop Saying...

Is your lexicon relevant AF RN?

How many languages other than your mothertongue can you speak? GSCE level French? Three words of Spanish your holiday fling taught you? Enough to explain you are lost In Italian after managing an hour of Rosetta Stone? But what about slang? Surely the biggest insult you can throw someone nowadays is asking them; 'Do you even speak Internet?' Once left to teenagers to at the back of the bus, now due to the influx of American pop-culture, communication apps and even dating apps the need to be fluent in online dialect is practically mandatory. Afterall, when that cute but slightly younger guy slides into your DMs you don't want to feel like an actual cougar writing in proper English while he responds in txt speak. Here are our highlights of what we had rolling off the tongue or should that be firing off from our fingertips in 2016...



When something is amazing. Or your night is going off. Think free bottles of Dom and Drake in the same room.

'How's the party?'

'It's lit'

Generally followed by the flame or pink nail emojis


Basically meaning the appearance of something or used to describe your own look.

'I love her Instagram's aesthetic.'

'I'm buying it because it's black which is so my aesthetic.'


Before. Anyone. Else.

i.e. your boyfriend/ girlfriend but not your Tinder hook-up. 



'Are you free for a drink after work?'

'Sorry I'm hanging with BAE.'

Probably the most used word of 2016. Please make it stop.

The same goes for '#Squad' - a gang and 'On Fleek' - when something is perfect, most commonly used to describe beauty vloggers' eyebrows.



An acronym that stands for As. Fuck. A punchy alternative to extremely.

'I am hungover AF.'

Other words reduced to two letters include..

FR - For Real

TF - Thank Fuck

RN - Right Now


An update to 'Wussup?' - a combination of sup and huh.

Watch Gigi Hadid demonstrate...






When you want something so bad that you appear over keen.

'She met him last night. And is so thirsty for him to message.'


Being socially and politically aware.

'Reading the news to stay woke.'


Used as a noun to describe a person, place or thing that is aspirational. Generally applied with a hashtag.

'OMG Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's body is total #goals'


A much more enthusiastic yes.

'Want to go for pizza and wine tonight?'



To do something really well.

'Beyonce totally slayed that performance.'



To Die for - when something is so amazing you freak out and feel if you can't have it you may actually die. 

'Have you seen the Loewe Puzzle Bag'

'OMG it's TD.'


When something or someone is hardcore...

'We got lit on a Wednesday night.'

'Haha! Savage!'

Out Out

Used to differentiate when you're going out for drinks and dancing in a club rather than just drinks at your local pub. 

'Deciding what to wear. Are we going out or out out tonight?'  Ca

Can't Even

When you cannot deal with someone, something or a situation. And you can't even form a response or reaction.  

'Did you see that Ryan Gosling meme with the baby ducks?'

'I mean I can't even.'


When something good happens to you and you feel lucky. Or you're able to do something and feel lucky. Also used in an ironic way to caption photos of mundane events e.g. a Starbucks latte.  Again commonly used with a hashtag.


'Watching the sunrise in LA #blessed'


When something is self-referential. Often used to caption an Instagram stories or a Snapchat of someone filming the same thing you are.


When you are committed to something one hundred per cent. Or to be true to something.

‘You telling the truth?’



When something is totally mainstream. Think pumpkin spice lattes, Michael Kors handbags and going for cosmos with the girls. The word itself has even become a bit basic ever since it hit mainstream radar after Kate Moss was reported calling an EasyJet air host  a 'basic b****' as she was led off a plane. after trying to continue to drink vodka she had pulled from her own cabin luggage.




Confession, I'm totally trying to make this a thing. Use it to caption meta snaps of you filming or photographing people taking a photo or filming i.e. creating content. Can also be used as a verb 'contenting.' Works especially well in tourist spots where selfie sticks are rife. Or in restaurants with marble tables where bloggers go to gram their avo on toast.

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