Will YOU Bring Back The Popper Jogger?

Will YOU Bring Back The Popper Jogger?

Would you pop your trouser for any man you see?

When Kim Kardashian stepped out in popper trousers one would be forgiven for thinking the athleisure wear trend had finally gone pop (apologies for the Dad joke there, but it was there for the taking, ok!). These weren't just any popper joggers, these were Adidas three stripe classics- the kind you begged your Mum for at school but she probably made you have the knock-off ones... remember those?

But the woman who’s launched a thousand questionably styled ships may be onto something. Over at Paris Fashion week, some of the fashion pack joined Kardashian Numero Uno by donning oversized, split seemed joggers thus heralding a mini come back for the late nineties favourite.

Whilst we are on the topic of the late 90s lets just give some credit to one of the decade’s long overlooked icons, Sonia from Eastenders. The Jackson babe was one of the most prominent early supporters of the ‘popper pant’ and even took to a red carpet wearing them- thank you to @soniaofficial for bringing this to our attention. Who knew that Kim Kardashian had something to thank Natalie Cassidy for? Niche!

Now, can such a thing ever really be a real life ‘thing’? The popper trousers can enjoy a renaissance in your wardrobe it you deploy wise dressing tactics AKA don’t wear it with a corset. EVER. Moreover you probably can’t go all Sporty Spice on this by teaming with a sporty number as you will look VERY Little Mix during tour rehearsals.

The best approach is to sideline sneakers all together and kick the ‘split seamer’ into shape by promoting it to the evening leagues. Slip on a heeled mule but add a relaxed plain navy or grey silk mix jumper to ensure your look doesn’t look too disparate.

If you are up for flashing a bit of flesh, like Kim, ensure you invest in the perfect v-neck to reveal a lacy bra. You can always pop your poppers for any guy you see as the night continues…

Will YOU be bringing back the popper trouser?

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