Pippa Middleton's Go-To Designer Solves All Our Dressing Dilemmas

Pippa Middleton's Go-To Designer Solves All Our Dressing Dilemmas

We've all been there. Standing in front of the wardrobe, clothes scattered everywhere repeating 'what the hell am I going to wear,' as you simultaneously berate yourself for not owning the perfect LBD. But if there's one woman that knows exactly what to wear and where to wear it's Tabitha Webb AKA Pippa Middleton's go-to designer. Here she solves four of our worst dressing dilemmas

Cocktail o'clock after a long day in the office
'One of the hardest wardrobe problems for a woman – how to go seamlessly from day to night. I think you should always have a change of shoes under your desk to vamp up your outfit, a sexier and more casual top and a leather jacket to replace the work jacket. These 3 things alone will take you from looking corporate to looking ready for a night out.'

A Tinder dinner date
'My first tip is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in – there is nothing worse than feeling awkward in what you are wearing and fidgeting in it all night. And don't go over sexy – I think boys like simple, clean and something that shows off the body a bit. You can never go wrong with a pair of jean, stillettos, silk shirt and a cracking smile – casual but cool. You don't want to intimidate the poor boy too much on the first date!'


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                                          Pippa Middleton AKA Tabitha Webb's biggest fan

A power lunch where you mean business
'Clothes always say so much about you, but you have to be careful they don't distract from you as a career woman. A gorgeous knee length fitted leather skirt like this one is the perfect solution – it says in charge, fashion aware but not to be messed with! Pair this with a cashmere jumper and some heels or boots and you are good to go. As well as dressing the part you should also think about accessorizing. A beautiful watch is a key element to this and can be a stunning, stand out piece that really catches the eye when matched with the right outfit. When designing the Tabs watch collection for Argos I had this in mind. I wanted to offer ladies a statement watch that was subtle enough to work for all occasions yet when you look up close, the detail would be incredibly delicate and intricate.’

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White for a wedding - a major no-no or a definite do?
'Oooh, I don' t know, I am a bit of a stickler for tradition and am still recovering from my mother-in-law at my first wedding wearing white! Although traditions are relaxing as time moves on, I still believe this is the brides day. If your dress has a white background with a print on it I think that is ok, or if half of the dress is a  block colour, but really there are SO many other colours out there why bother even asking yourself the question.'

Tabitha Webb's new watch range 'Tabs' is available now at Argos


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