Park and Cube’s Tips On What To Wear On A City Break

Park and Cube’s Tips On What To Wear On A City Break

Shini Park is travelling the world, and looking chic at every destination. Here’s how she does it, with a little help from Depop, and how a Polaroid camera will give you your perfect holiday picture

Depop is the place to pick up summer trends on the go, and you can use the app on your mobile to shop the closets of everyone from your favourite bloggers (Chiara Ferragni is an active seller) to vintage glamour queens like Dita Von Teese. Last week, Depop took to East London’s Looking Glass Cocktail Club so Depop users could shop the wardrobes of Amber Atherton, Louise Roe and Peony Lim, with some of the sellers even manning their own stalls and letting shoppers try on before they buy with no sneaky P&P charges – internet shopping without the bad bits, right? We caught up with Park and Cube’s Shini Park - just before her designer pieces (at seriously low prices, can we just say) flew off the racks at the Shop My Closet event - and she gave us her tips on what to wear on a city break, as well as how to make your holiday snaps memorable.

We’d love to hear all about your travels!
I would say I travel a lot, but to the usual places. I travel mostly in Europe and if I’m lucky I go to the US or Asia. My favourites in Europe are probably Switzerland, and some bits of Greece. Plus Poland, obviously, because I grew up there so it’s always home.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to the Maldives ALWAYS. I prefer relaxed holidays where you don’t do anything! It just feels like you’re in a different climate, and like you’re completely secluded.

What would you pack in your suitcase if you were going on a city break?
I think I would go for the five French wardrobe basics [if you need schooling on these check out the Instagram below]. If they work for life, they'll work for packing! 

We always overpack!
I used to pack with the mindset ‘if it fits, it ships’, but that never worked out. Now I’m strategic - I pack basics, then add meat with statement pieces, like bags or shoes. I can pack within thirty minutes if I’m going for a two week holiday.

Do you have any tips on how to pack a suitcase?
I have to roll everything. But there’s an order; the shoes go at the bottom where the wheels are, your cosmetics bag goes in the middle and everything is rolled around, and then irregular pieces go at the very top. That’s what they teach me but I never use that method…

What would you suggest wearing on a plane?
I always go for heels, because I feel like you do get upgrades when you look better. It increases the excitement of the journey, if you’re getting taxis. It does depend on what kind of journey it is - if you’re going to the Maldives, you’re not going to wear heels! Then it would be easily slip-on-able shoes.

What do you like to do on planes; read, watch movies or sleep?
I love watching movies, especially if it’s on a long haul because it’s normally the latest releases. I do like reading on my kindle, I go for books I wouldn’t read when I’m home, trashy chick-lit reads because nobody can see the cover on a kindle!

Do you have any tips for taking the perfect holiday pictures?
Always take a Polaroid, and something like ten film. When you take out that camera, you ask yourself ‘is this moment special’, because you’ve only got ten films. When I come home with those ten pictures, I find that they’re really special moments. Also, take a camera with a wide angle lens so you can capture the landscape.

Are there people that you love to follow for their travel snaps?
Gary Pepper Girl for travel, and Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three. Oh they’re both Australian! Maybe it’s because they are Australian they have such amazing scenery. When it comes to travel images, I love blasts of colour.

Do you have any favourite fashion or photography apps on your phone?
I always use Snapseed and PS Touch. I look to Pinterest for style inspiration, and Depop is great for pulling together a holiday wardrobe. If you’re having a lot of fun, you’re kind of going to ruin your beach cover-ups, but Depop is so cheap, and seasonal as well.

If you could, live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Either the Maldives, although I might leave that as a special, perfect place because I’ve only been once. Either that or somewhere in Asia, maybe Tokyo or Seoul. Always Seoul for play, it’s the best place to party!

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