Oxygen is the go-to-store of the moment

Oxygen is the go-to-store of the moment

Check out Oxygen, the unique boutique in the heart of Soho, for an array of exclusive designer labels.

Here at InStyle we're always on the look out for a hot new store to splurge our hard-earned cash in (preferably one offering something totally unique and exciting to whet our hearty fashion appetites!).

Earlier this year saw the opening of Oxygen, a hip fashion boutique in the heart of Soho that prides itself on stocking desirable and discreet labels that can be mixed and worn without the need for status or label flashing. Founded as a family business, Oxygen has the added dimension of being a unique space for photographers and artists to showcase their work. The result? An uber-stylish space packed full of tempting clothes and accessories to die for.

So, if you're sick of being seen in the same high street frock as every other girl in the office take a trip to Oxygen where you can choose from an intriguing blend of up-and-coming designers, including Brian Reyes, Kova & T (the super-cool Japanese denim label co-designed by childhood friends Dasha Zhukova and Christina Tang), Alice and Oliver, Herve Leger and SEA New York, to name but a few.

Oygen, Eastcastle Street, Soho, London.

By Kat Webster

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