Oxfam gets a high-fashion makeover!

Oxfam gets a high-fashion makeover!

Mrs Jones – stylist to The Killers, Kylie, Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp, among others – is lending her considerable talents to Oxfam Camden this Saturday.

Oxfam's Camden branch has been undergoing a major makeover and all is set to be unveiled this Saturday 6 June, with workshops and limited-edition pieces on sale.

If, like us, you've always wanted to be one of those super-sharp, hyper-cool, maybe just a teensy-little-bit-annoying girls wearing something wunderbar, about which you can airily say, "Oh, I made it myself", or "This? It's just something from a charity shop - I gave it a bit of a tweak", look no further.

On Saturday Mrs Jones will be holding workshops on just how to restyle your charidee finds into streetwise and catwalk-worthy fashion; plus there are 30 of the stylist's "reinvented" Oxfam pieces on sale.

For those far from Camden, check out oxfam.org.uk/diy - it's full of Mrs Jones's illustrated step-by-step guides for turning jeans into skirts; scarves into halters; customizing shoes, and much more.

Oxfam DIY
89 Camden High Street
(020 7387 4354)

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood


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