Oscars 2016: The 5 Dresses You Need To Know About

Oscars 2016: The 5 Dresses You Need To Know About

Now Leonardo Dicaprio has FINALLY won his Oscar its time to turn our attention to the best and worst dressed on the red carpet. Our Shopping Editor, Josh Newis-Smith deciphers the 5 dresses you need to know about…

1. Emily blunt: The Knock Out Knocked Up Look

Not since Catherine Zeta-Jones collected her Oscar for Chicago back in 2003 have we seen such a strong pregnancy look. Emily looked to Prada to design this knock out knocked-up look with the most modern of empire lines and dashes of sequins. A train aswell? We are NOT worthy. It’s almost worth going through childbirth to land this look.

2. Alicia Vikander: Belle Of The Ball  

It's a tale as old as time, it's Beauty and the Beast. Except in this instance Belle's beast is Michael Fassbender and being locked up in a castle waiting for him to turn into a hot hunk would be time well spent. Any way I digress… Alicia only you could make a pale yellow dress with a puffball hem this modern. The relationship between Alicia and Louis Vuitton deserves it’s own fairytale. Every young girl with Princess goals will be all over this.

3. Rooney Mara: Fancy A Bun, Hun?

For a nation like America who are largely conservative in taste, cut outs at the Oscars is very risky business. Well the E! red carpet jury last night seemed to think so. Prudes. However here Rooney Mara does ethereal elegance with poise and a side helping of sass. Those of you who consider yourself Saturday night good time gals with a penchant for body con cutouts should take serious notes from this classy approach. Also Miss Mara didn't just go for one bun, she went for a trio in a row- talk about a pack of hot cross buns.

4. Rachel MacAdams: Bob Diggity

Talk about flying in the face of modesty! Regina George (I mean a role that was Oscar worthy in its own right) tackles a side boob situation, an Angelina leg throwback and a slip dress all at once. You boudoir babe, Rach! Simple yet wildly different from the normal thoroughfare of princess dresses, wearing the colour of the night McAdams nails a nice nineties number. Can we also take two seconds to talk about that peroxide Bob? It even looks beyond swept back, bob diggity indeed.

5. Daisy Ridley: The Fancy Flapper

You can always rely on Chanel to deliver a bygone look with serious flapper appeal. It's the perfect dress for a young starlet and perfect for a good sashay! Great shoe game too, makes a nice change from the standard strappy sandal loved by EVERY other Hollywood actress.

SUIT SIDE NOTE: Jared Leto: #GucciGoals

What we wouldn’t do to get hold of this Gucci shoot… fancy a loan Jared? It's amazing what a bit of red piping on a suit can do for one's look.



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