Can YOU Pose Like An Olympian?

Can YOU Pose Like An Olympian?

Can you pose like an Olympic gymnast? It's ideal for sass-ifying your Instagram OOTDs...

Here at InStyle HQ we are glued to Rio 2016, and as natural posers nothing has got us excited quite like the gymnastics. Last night Team USA’s ladies stormed to gold as your GB girls put in a valiant effort and we couldn’t wait to bring a gold level standard to our OOTD pictures. So we tried to replicate some rather tricky (and slightly unflattering) gymnastic poses and rated them for you. Go forth and Olympic-fy your poses, ladies…  

Josh Newis-Smith Tackles USA’s Simone Biles’ Floor Finisher

This is trickier than it looks, you have really got to arch your back and point your toe for the ultimate finishing flair. I have never felt more alive after giving my body a good stretch out whilst trying to replicate this pose.

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Key Tip: Arch that back like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Hannah Lewis Takes On USA’s Aly Raisman’s Blooming Beam

This pose has it all: a booty pop, an arch in the back and some elegant handwork. Plus it involves a lot of balance. I won’t have to go to the gym now gals!

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Key Tip: Focus on a point to keep your balance.

Georgia Allen Tinkers with Amy Tinkler’s Floor Filler

This is a great dramatic pose, perfect for adding drama to any OOTD with minimal effort.

Difficulty Level: 1/5
Key Tip: Tip that head back as far as you can and find the moodiest lighting possible.

George Driver Drives Home Laurie Hernandez’s Brilliant Beam

This is EVERYTHING and will add a massive injection of sass into your Instagram feed. Call it InstaSass!

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Key Tip: It’s all in the booty pop, think Beyonce circa Destiny’s Child Booytlicous.

Katie Thomas Blows USA’s Simone Biles’ Beam Out Of Contention

Like with all of these poses it’s harder than it looks, ladies! It has a slight yoga quality to it so highly recommended for anyone who wants to replicate this and show off their new gym attire at the same time.

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Key Tip: Get that knee far out to the side.

Suzannah Ramsdale Nails USA’s Laurie Hernandez’s Fab Floor Pose

Great for stretching your lower back, this pose is ideal for adding diversity to your Instagram feed with minimal effort.

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Key Tip: Keep that neck up for extra points

Hannah Rochell Outdoes Claudia Fragapane’s Flirty Floor Move

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend undertaking this pose in baggy trousers but its rare to find a more dynamic pose than this.

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Top Tip: The finishing touch is the bent under toe. So practice those toe exercises in advance. Bend and try NOT to snap.

Katie Tucker Works  Laurie Hernandez’s Finishing Flair

Bored at work? Use this pose to show your colleges exactly what you have GOT. Getting eye roles? They are just jealous… ignore them! THIS IS YOUR OLYMPIC MOMENT.

Diffiiculty Rating: 1/5
Top Tip: Do NOT attempt this in anything that rides up

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