Olympia Le-Tan Teams Up With Dessert Maverick Pierre Marcolini

Olympia Le-Tan Teams Up With Dessert Maverick Pierre Marcolini

The iconic accessories designer has teamed up with chocolatier Pierre Marcolini to create two delectable limited edition boxes...

What do you get when the designer of the world's most coveted clutch bags and the creator of the world's most desirable chocolates and macaroons decide to collaborate? A match-made in fashion heaven that's what.

Launching today, the limited-edition collection between the French accessories designer Olympia Le-Tan and the Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini consists of two boxes filled with either delectable chocolates or macaroons. Echoing the aesthetic of Olympia's clutches that have bagged the attention and arms of celebrities including Natalie Portman and Tilda Swinton, each lid consists of a witty design.

One comes covered with a pouty lips motif and the tagline 'Girls have only one word on their lips' whilst the others features graphic, fluttering eyes with the message 'My eyes are bigger than my tummy'.

Inside, you'll find Le-Tan's iconic fabric lining delicately holding thirty delicious chocolates or a dozen macaroons. You can either opt for a pre-filled box of Olympia's favourites or choose your own to make it completely bespoke. Best of all, once you've scoffed them all (and trust us this is not a difficult task!) you can keep the box to display on your bookshelf. 

The Olympia Le-Tan x Pierre Marcolini collection will be available from September 1 at Selfridges and Marcolini.com

By Chloe Mac Donnell / @tweetchloe 

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