Nicola Formichetti joins Diesel as Artistic Director

Nicola Formichetti joins Diesel as Artistic Director

Former Mugler designer Nicola Formichetti has joined Diesel as its first ever Artistic Director…

With the news that Nicola Formichetti was waving goodbye to Mugler came the question of what next? But it hasn't taken long for the social media maestro and super stylist to reveal his next gig.

Nicola has been signed as the first ever Artistic Director of Diesel. The fashion designer will kick off his time with the lifestyle brand with the DIESELREBOOT project, which will be accessible via Tumblr, and will also be responsible for overseeing the main line product, communications and interior design.


Of his new recruit, Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel shares: "I finally met somebody as crazy as I am. Nicola shares my vision and I find it incredibly inspiring to work with him: two creative planets are colliding to generate fresh, mad, insane ideas. With his help, I want to break more rules and bring the real Diesel to a new generation.”


Nicola seconds his sentiment, adding: "When Renzo asked me, I remembered that Diesel and I are all about the same things. No rules! It’s about being empowered, It’s about being free. It’s a positive revolution. We’re going to REBOOT! Hit refresh. That’s our first project: we’re ripping apart everything to re-build something bigger. I want to get the creative young people around the world to be part of the process.”

We can't wait to see what the fashion duo will bring to the table.

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