Next's new frontwoman Jourdan Dunn

Next's new frontwoman Jourdan Dunn


It may not be the likeliest brand to win over supermodel and general cool kid Jourdan Dunn, but high street hero Next has done it. With no less than seven supers rocking the runway, Next’s Christmas 2014 presentation was our must-see show of the season (OK, we know the season hasn’t technically started yet but try and beat those creds, Dolce!).

Jourdan led the way with fellow models Anja Rubik, Bette Franke, Kendra Spears, Jacquetta Wheeler, Lara Mullen and Constance Jablonski all following suit. Just a few then.


Rocking Next’s latest AW14 collection, these supers skyrocketed high street to a whole new level. Our verdict? If Jourdan’s rocking socks and lace-ups from Next, then so are we!

Top Spot: Constance Jablonski and Bette Franke crossing the road to the tube after the show. Taxis are so last season dahling.

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By George Driver/@iamgdriver