New Look And Forever 21 Follow Zara's Ban On Angora Fur

New Look And Forever 21 Follow Zara's Ban On Angora Fur

More major high-street stores take positive action against angora production...

New Look and Forever 21 have followed in the footsteps of fellow high-street stores Zara and Topshop to ban angora products.

Reacting to shocking video footage released by PETA, New Look and Forever 21 are the latest stores to halt production of angora fur.

ASOS, Marks & Spencer and H&M were among the brands to quickly react to reports that animals were being mistreated on Chinese angora farms. The alarming video, which soon went viral, showed rabbits being plucked of their fur instead of sheared.

'Shoppers are horrified to discover that an 'angora' label means that live rabbits had the fur ripped from their bodies, and they're relieved when their favourite shops refuse to support this abuse', says PETA's Yvonne Taylor. 'PETA applauds New Look and Forever 21 for doing the right thing for animals and consumers.'

Next, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and COS have also halted production of angora products, while Topshop released the following statement: 'We have instructed our suppliers to halt the sourcing of product containing angora fibre whilst we investigate alternatives.'

A Primark spokesperson also said: 'Following concern about animal welfare and the use of angora in clothing, the company has decided to cease ordering products that use angora while it continues to investigate the issue.'

Zara was then encouraged to take action after around 255,000 people signed a petition to see angora production banned by the brand.

By Jessica Bridgeman

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