Nail The Office Secret Santa Gift-Swap With These Under £10 Goodies

Nail The Office Secret Santa Gift-Swap With These Under £10 Goodies

Don't worry, this is an anatomy-shaped chocolate-free zone...

That's right, people; now that it's hit December 1st, there's no getting away from the fact that Christmas is well and truly upon us and your life is going to be taken over by after-work drinks, parties, catch-ups with pals and general merriment right through to 2015 (whether you like it or not). 

So, it seems only fitting that we need to address the elephant in the festive room; the dreaded annual office Secret Santa swap. If it wasn't tricky enough picking gifts for your nearest and dearest — or, to be blunt, the people you really care about — you've then got to consider what to get that girl from accounting or that bloke that no-one 100% knows what he actually does... 

Obviously, it's still a pretty big deal. Once the pressies are exchanged the inevitable happens; people start to blab about who-had-who which then leads on to who gave the most rubbish of gifts. And, lets face it, you don't want to be known as the girl who left it last minute and ended up getting that shudder-worthy Ann Summers 'I Heart Tea [Bagging]' mug. Ew. 

To save you any embarrassment and hassle, we've taken it upon us to find the ideal Secret Santa parcels under £10 that are guaranteed to make you look good in front of the entire team. And yes; we've thrown in one tacky-but-hilarious goodie for the fun-loving girl that sits across from you that loves a laugh. No rude-shaped chocolates required...

For Her

Initial Ring Dishes, £8 Each, Anthropologie
Because the personal touch always goes down an absolute treat...

Luxury Beauty Cracker, £10, Cowshed
You better keep your receipt — no-one is going to believe that this pretty little gift comes in at a mere £10. 

Ladylike Hip Flask, £10, Paperchase
You'll get extra points if you fill it up with her favourite tipple first... 

Ornate Stone Earrings, £5, Dorothy Perkins
At this teeny price, you'll even have change to treat her to a glass of vino after work.

Printed Notebook, £10, Liberty
Liberty print for just £10?! Who'd have thought? Definitely not us, that's for sure... 

Festive Socks (Pack of 3), £10, Asos
We dare to ask, what even is Christmas without a pair of novelty festive socks?

Flavoured Lip Balm, £5 Each, John Lewis
Pick and choose her favourite drinks with these adorable boxed lip salves. 

Make-Up Bag, £10, Topshop
Trust us, a new make-up bag will ALWAYS go down a storm. We love the high-shine finish on this moc-croc number. 

Hot Guys And Kittens Book, £7, Asos
We reckon this bad boy speaks for itself... 


Tabletop Ping Pong Set, £8, Marks & Spencer
This will keep the lads entertained for hours on end while you soak up all the free wine at the work's Christmas party. YES. 

Touchscreen Gloves, £10, Asos
Give him the gift of cosy hands this Crimbo with these touchscreen compat-gloves. That's a present that just keeps on giving right there... 

Beer And Food Book, £9.99, Asos
What more could a man want? Apart from beer and food, perhaps...

Checked Scarf, £9.80, Burton
His girlfriend/wife/mum will thank you for this one; only dapper gents wear tartan scarves, after all...

By Maxine Eggenberger

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